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If you’re looking for things to do in Sedona, then hiking is one of the best options that you have!  With incredibly beautiful natural surroundings, Sedona offers some of the best hiking in all southwest travel.  There are actually over 100 different trails that you can go on, ranging through all levels of difficulty and introducing you to nature in its purest form, with incredible red rock mountains and valleys.

Check out some of our favorite hikes below, and also the best way to end your hiking adventure.

Devil’s Bridge

This 1.8 mile hike will take you to a fantastic sandstone bridge that was created by nature.  Take the trail to go underneath the arch, or a steeper track will take you to the top.  From here, you will see some incredible views of the surrounding red rock.  If you’re truly daring, you can attempt to cross this natural bridge, but do so with caution.

This trail is moderate difficulty, with the hardest stretch being the climb to the top of the Devil’s Bridge.  In total, you will probably spend about an hour hiking this trail.

Soldiers Pass

This moderate trail is conveniently located, but although you are not far from the town you will still feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere as you walk.  This unique trail will immerse you in the history of the area, where the US cavalry came through during the 19th century.  There are many beautiful surroundings on this hike, including incredible views of an immense sinkhole that collapsed into the ground in the 1800s, and again in the late 1900s.

With a roundtrip total of 4 relatively easy miles, this trail is easily finished in two hours.

Cathedral Rock

If you’re looking for a trail that is a bit more difficult, this is the one!  Check out this steep trail to the top of the ledge, climbing hand-over-foot in some spots!  You’ll be wiped by the end of this 3.5 mile hike, but don’t forget to stop and enjoy the scenery!

How to End the Day

Southwest travel is full of different kinds of adventures, and seeing the natural beauty of this area is one of the best ways to really enjoy traveling to Sedona.

But, after a day of vigorous exercise in the beauteous Arizona hills, you’ll want a place to relax.  Traveling to Sedona would not be complete without enjoying the wonderful Sedona restaurants.  Head to The Collective off Route 179 and check out the delicious options for Sedona dining.

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