Watch this video for the abridged version of the presentation:

January 11
Community Members in attendance:
Marsha Helton
Barney & Judy Tumey
John Ramagli
Susan Amon
Dyanna Sells
Dave Maple
Nancy Maple
Julie Tatum
Paul & Erin Cummo
Nina Joy Rizzo
Amy Gore
Omar Kenney

January 17
Community members in attendance:
Beverly Copen
Monique Kristofson
Jeff Jones
Garry & Gail Schevey
Ken Dauth
Anita Rosenfield
Joanie Gessay
Lenore Hemingway
Dave Norton
Russ Fox
Vivien Mann
Janet Webber
Barry Kerr


Community Members in attendance:
Barbara Pickett
Vic & Marilyn LaSala
Omar Kenney
Anita Rosenfield
David Gill
Damian Bruno
Julie Tatum
Barb Mallek
Dyanna Sells
Phil Feiner
Matt Werner
Steele Sacks
Danielle White
Roger Fiansoldo
Mary Morris

Presenter: Rodney Boden, GM The Collective Sedona

This meeting was unique in nature in that no presentation was prepared and no suggestions or ideas were presented by The Collective Sedona to the audience members. Rodney facilitated a conversation between the community members and himself and highlighted several pain points that have been raised by tenants that they wish would be addressed.

The following notes were taken on large pads of paper to help with discussion. There were opposing views on several of the topics which were taken in to consideration by Rodney and his team when creating the presentation for meetings #2 and #3 – notes on those meetings to follow.

Topic #1: AZ-179 Visibility
Suggestions from community members:
1. Pre-sign on Ridge Trail Drive
2. Using ADOT signs
3. Use the roundabout “something like Verde Valley School Road sign”
4. Focus on aesthetic uniqueness

Topic #2: Wayfinding around the property
Suggestions from community members:
1. Backlit map
2. Get interior signage “right”

Topic #3: Uses
Suggestions from community members:
1. Post office
2. Bus stop
3. Employee housing

Topic #4: Events
Suggestions from community members:
1. 4th of July
2. Tents out front should be OK for events
3. Put time/sound limits on loud events
4. A-frames on property should be allowed

The Collective Sedona team closed the meeting after an hour and a half of discussion and spent the next few weeks combing through the discussion points to come up with a presentation of facts, ideas, and suggestions all filtered through the rules in the P.A.D. that limit how these topics can be addressed.

See the next blog post for more information about meetings #2 and #3.

Special thanks to The Hilton at Bell Rock for the use of The Tequa Ballroom for this meeting.

Check out Hayley’s article as she was awarded FBN Business Woman of the Month!

The Collective Sedona has some of the most interesting tenants – take Hayley and Shawn Healey from Hayley Healey/Dragon Koi Coaching at the Re|Pattern Center. This power couple has focused their combined energy to help people heal and grow physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Check out Hayley’s article as she was awarded FBN Business Woman of the Month! More like Bad*ss Woman of the Month if you ask us! Are we allowed to say that here? It’s our blog – I guess we can do what we want!

Congratulations Hayley! As you say, “love your life” – it seems to be loving you back too!

The Collective Sedona March 2017 Events

what to do in SedonaThe Collective Sedona is proud to be the presenting sponsor for this year’s Sedona Yoga Festival March 9th through the 12th. This long weekend event brings thousands of yogis, seekers and like-minded souls eager to immerse themselves in the all-day classes, creative sessions, meditations and workshops offered by teachers from around the world, all sharing their deepest passion and purpose. The Sedona Yoga Festival will be setting up a vendor village, called the Heart Center Village, at the back of The Collective Sedona. This vibrant and bustling market is open to the public and will feature music, food, performances and yoga. The Heart Center Village will allow participants to lounge and meet with friends during the festival, and is the main avenue between the Collective Sedona and the Hilton properties. For a full list of classes and more information on all the exciting events including free kids yoga classes in the courtyard of The Collective Sedona and evening entertainment upstairs in Vista Hall, visit www.SedonaYogaFestival.com

That same weekend, The Collective Sedona will also be hosting their monthly Second Saturday Art Walk on March 11th from 5 – 8pm. “We’re happy to have the Jerome Yukele Orchestra led by Tommy Rocks Anderson perform at this event,” said Anita Capps, Community Experience Manager for The Collective Sedona. The Second Saturday Art Walk event features artwork on display and for sale by local artists, live art demonstrations and live music. Individual shop owners will be open late that evening offering an assortment of refreshments and snacks along with special discounts.

On Thursday, March 9th, NAWBO, the National Association of Women Business Owners will have their monthly luncheon at Serenitie Burger Bar at The Collective Sedona. The luncheon runs from 11am to 1pm and will feature guest speaker Gerrie Sidwell discussing Micro Loans and Grants for Women Business Owners. This discussion will explore funding options for women-owned businesses. Those who are interested in attending can sign up on NAWBO’s website or purchase their ticket at the door.

On Thursday, March 23rd, The Collective Sedona will host a Sedona Chamber mixer from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. The last Chamber mixer at The Collective was held in January of 2016 and the management is excited to showcase all of the changes and improvements that have occurred over the last year. There are expected to be 150 to 200 people in attendance touring the beautiful facilities including Vista Hall, the courtyard and the Culture Studios. Tickets can be purchased through the Chamber ahead of time or at the door, $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

Experiencing Sedona To The Fullest


Sedona activities

You’ve been to Paris to see the iconic Eiffel Tower. You’ve been to India to see the majestic walls of Taj Mahal. You’ve been to the cities of New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Bangkok, London, Rome, and Seoul, experiencing the things that make them famous all over the world. But have you heard about Sedona? Although it doesn’t have the same popularity level as the aforementioned places, but Sedona is another haven of natural wonders and world-class establishments that you would love to visit.

A town with a population of more than 10,000, Sedona is in the state of Arizona and has been well-known for its red sandstone formations that brighten into red and orange when illuminated by the sun The rock formations attract both local and foreign tourists every year. They have also become the center of attraction when visitors do various activities while on their vacation. Apparently, this city isn’t a big one, but there are so many Things to Do in Sedona, and in that regard, here’s how you experience Sedona to the fullest.

The Activities

Sedona activities are totally worth every penny. You can start your vacation by booking a sightseeing tour, which is highly recommended by travel experts. The tour will give you the opportunity to see and photograph the natural splendors that you don’t get to see in other places. After your excursion, you can go mountain biking along the 239-mile bike-friendly trail, hiking to see more breathtaking panoramic views, golfing at Sedona Golf Resort, and/or fishing just for the pleasure of it. And oh! Art galleries and therapeutic spas are a must, too!

The Events

When you don’t have anything to do during the weekend, you’d really want to witness the Sedona Events that offer different types of shows. You can spend your time listening to local artists having concerts or watch movies with your family. If you want to have a good laugh, then Sedona has comedy shows that will definitely tickle your funny bones. And because Christmas is around the corner, there will be a radio play that talks about the Yuletide Season. Maybe you’d love to witness an impressive performance from Sedona’s very own Emerson Theatre Group.

The Food

A vacation will never be complete if you can’t taste the city. Fortunately, there are many Sedona Restaurants that offer sumptuous meals and a great ambiance any time of the day. Local cuisine, international cuisine, bars, wine, coffee – anything you’d like to eat is available in this city. And if you and your partner want to experience a romantic Sedona dining, then you can try J Wine Bistro, which has a local seasonal menu and a lovely atmosphere to complement the night. Now, that’s definitely worth a try.

The Shopping Experience

You shouldn’t leave the town without shopping in Sedona. A beautiful city deserves to be remembered and taken home in the form of souvenirs, and because of that, Sedona has souvenirs shops and gift stores where you can buy particular items that will help you remember how amazing Sedona is. It also has fashion boutiques to satisfy the fashionista in you.

There you have it. That’s how you experience the awesomeness of Sedona. However, one day is not enough to get to know the place. Spend longer days, and you’ll certainly fall in love with the beauty of Sedona.

The Nature-Lover’s Paradise of the Southwest

things to do in sedona


If you’re looking for a place to enjoy incredible views, stunning sunsets, fantastic red rock formations, and all close to a town with a lovely atmosphere, then Sedona should be next on your list for southwest travel!  This placid desert town is charming and beautiful, and is surrounded by some of the most magnificent sights in Arizona.  Traveling to Sedona is a must-do for all nature lovers!

So how can you truly enjoy all the natural wonders that Sedona has to offer?

Bell Rock Pathway

As you enter into Sedona, Bell Rock will probably be one of your first sights.  This enormous and unique monolith is an incredible thing to see from a distance, but up close it’s even better!  The path that circles this giant formation is a moderately difficult walk that will intrigue you, giving you all kinds of different angles and ways to see this beautiful creation.

Oak Creek Canyon

Known as a mini Grand Canyon, this beautiful gorge offers some stunning views.  One way to see it is by driving along Highway 89A, wandering the twisty road and viewing the incredible sights down to the valley below.  The perspective is really fantastic from here.

While you’re driving along this road, you’ll be able to stop at another great Sedona activity, the Slide Rock State Park!  This is a truly fantastic way to get in touch with nature, and have fun slip-sliding down the natural water slides.  There are also different trails and hikes that you can take off this same road down into the Oak Creek Canyon, such as the West Fork Trail.  However you choose to enjoy this site, your day will be well spent in admiration of the natural beauty of red rock country.


In the middle of the desert, with so little light pollution, you will be amazed by the amount of stars that you can see.  Heading out for a star tour at night, or even just looking out the window of your hotel room, will offer some absolutely incredible views.  The stars shine so much brighter in Sedona, and it is truly an incredible experience to see the Milky Way all lit up before your eyes!  Just make sure that the weather is good for viewing, and head to the desert to experience the stars like never before.

Traveling to Sedona is a wonderful experience for those who enjoy nature.  Sedona hiking is a great way to really see the natural beauty of this area, along with many other activities that make this place a true nature lover’s paradise.

Events in Sedona You Don’t Want to Miss

events in sedona


If you’re traveling through the southwest, Sedona is a beautiful place top stop and enjoy Red Rock and the arid desert surroundings of this beautiful town.  Known for its eclectic art community and beautiful, family-oriented residents, this charming small-town atmosphere is added to by some lovely traditional events and activities that you absolutely must see while traveling to Sedona!

Annual Events

Celebration of Spring– This family-friendly event held in April is full of great activities for kids and parents.  For $5, kids 12 and under can experience the petting zoo, duck races, carnival rides and more!

Sedona Open Studios Tour– Experience Sedona art in the best way possible during the end of April when the studios of local artists are opened to the public.  Get to know the artists in their own workspaces and dig deeper into their beautiful creations.

Sedona Main Street Paint Out– If you’re heading to Sedona in October, check out this great tribute to local Plein Air Artists.  You’ll be able to walk up and down the streets and plazas of Sedona and watch the local artists as they each complete a painting in 2 hours.

Red Rocks Oktoberfest– If you’re looking for unbeatable craft beers, then Oktoberfest is something you can’t miss out on!  Enjoy this spritzing of German culture with food, music, and of course, beer!


Events at The Collective

The Collective Market– Featured the 1st and 3rd weekends of every month, you’ll love to see how the shopping area known as The Collective is brightened by the presentations of local vendors.  You’ll be able to find absolutely anything, whether you’re in the mood for handmade jewelry pieces, local fruits and veggies, delicious organic teas, and even more!  This cultural experience brings you the atmosphere of a small southwest town and adds another level to your Sedona travels.

Art Walk– Don’t miss out on the fantastic art walk that is featured on the second Saturday of each month.  You’ll be able to experience local artists as well as those from afar, and different local wines and beers.  Enjoy this cultural experience while listening to live music.

Sedona, Arizona is filled with eclectic events and activities for refined tastes.  If you’re traveling to Sedona and you want to truly experience the culture of this eclectic southwest town, then don’t stop at just the beautiful natural wonders.  Get involved in Sedona events and activities and enrich your southwest travels.

Check Our Calendar of Events

Top Things to See in Sedona

things to see in sedona


If you’re heading to Sedona, you want to know where to go to get the best from your trip!  Traveling to Sedona is a fun and relaxing experience, letting you take in the tranquil surroundings of this peaceful southwest town.  Below are some of the best things to see in Sedona!

Red Rock State Park

This beautiful state park is home to some absolutely stunning sights that will stick with you forever.  Sedona is surrounded by these beautiful red rock formations, however, inside the state park, you will find even more well-preserved beauty.  The top picks of most visitors to Sedona are inside this park, including the Cathedral Rock.  It will take you at least the good part of a day to see this beautiful park.  Entrance fees are $5 for adults and $3 for children ages 7 to 13.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

As a cultural site, this church tops all to be found in Sedona.  It’s beautiful and intricate designs will astound you, as well as the incredible views that it boasts.  As it stands out from the rich, red cliffs, you will marvel at the beautiful stained glass windows that look out across the valley below.

Airport Mesa

If you’re looking for a place to get good views with easy access, then this is your spot.  This hill is easily accessed from Sedona by car, and with a short walk you are given some absolutely stunning views.  Get here at sunset and you’ll be able to see the red rocks lit on fire just before the darkness covers them.  It is truly an unforgettable sight.

Palatki Heritage Site

This fascinating historic site gives you a peek into what life was like in the Sedona of years past.  You’ll be able to hike along two different trails that don’t take a lot of time but are both very interesting.  Visit the largest cave dwellings in the area, which once belonged to the Hopi tribe.  See their ancient cave drawings depicting life at the time, and understand the roots of this ancient culture.

These are only a few of the many Sedona activities that await you.  In your southwest travels, be sure not to miss out on this golden opportunity to see beautiful natural settings and intriguing cultural sites.  Take a breath of that gorgeous fresh air and delve into the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere of this beautiful place.