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Sedona, Arizona is a gorgeous area of arid landscapes with incredible red and yellow hues.  The striking mountains, sloping valleys, and sheer cliffs all stand as a beautiful tribute to the natural world.

However, the stunning natural sights are not all that Sedona is comprised of.  If you’re looking for a travel experience that is dotted with some fantastic shopping experiences, then keep reading to see how you can take the adventure of the best shopping that Sedona has to offer.

A Unique Cultural Experience

The culture of Sedona reaches back to the beginnings of America, with deep Native American influences.  Within this eclectic combination of modern fashion and culturally charged designs, you will find some very unique and interesting pieces.

If you’re looking for a place to experience the best shopping that Sedona has to offer, you must visit The Collective.  Located in what was formerly called Tequa Plaza off of Route 179, this eco-friendly and culturally diverse shopping plaza will satisfy even the most particular of shoppers.  Graced by beautiful views and a convenient location, you will be grateful you stopped to appreciate this lovely spot.

If you’re looking for chic yet affordable clothing, check out the Bilby and Moss Boutique.  On the other hand, when in search of designs that reflect the beautiful Red Rock surroundings of Sedona, check out Adorn Collection, featuring pieces you can display around your neck or in your home.  Handmade pieces always make excellent gifts or souvenirs, so be sure to check out The Chai Spot for beautiful handmade fashion pieces, and experience this diverse shop with a cup of wonderful Chai tea.

Take a Piece of Sedona Home With You

If you’re looking to bring back a souvenir from your trip to the southwest, or a gift for one of your loved ones, then the best way to truly bring back the essence of Sedona is by reaching into its roots.  In The Collective, you will find art galleries that feature beautiful Southwest art and Native American art, including pottery, sculptures, paintings, and prints.  Check out the Bearcloud Art Gallery, The Zona Gallery, and the Sedona Arts Center to experience these beautiful pieces and find one to take home with you!

Traveling to Sedona is an experience in and of itself.  Appreciate it more with lovely Sedona shopping, and bring back a piece of your southwest travels.

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