Dining Out in Sedona Where and How

dining out in sedona


Sedona is more well-known for its natural beauty than for its food.  However, this melting pot of many different cultures is the perfect setting for eclectic tastes and refined palates, but also has plenty to offer for those looking for pub grub, local breweries, or fantastic atmosphere.  Traveling to Sedona is not a completed venture until you have tasted the many different kinds of foods that are available in this lovely town.

The Collective, a plaza off Route 179, is an area where you will find many of these fantastic restaurants.

Great Atmosphere

The Village Grind is a wonderful café and eatery where you’ll be able to chill out.  The homey atmosphere is made even better by the presentation of live music.  Able to appeal to even the pickiest of coffee drinkers, you’ll fall in love with the aroma and the environment as soon as you walk in the door.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up the night, head to Full Moon Saloon.  The weekends here are packed with fun, including karaoke and live music, and you’ll be able to get the best of your regular pub food far into the night.

Wines and Beers

If you’re looking for handcrafted wines and beers that come from the local area, then look no further!  In The Collective, you’ve got some great options!

For beer, check out Historic Brewing Company, and let them show off their passion for craft beer.  Although the wine industry in Arizona is still in its early stages, Four Eight Wineworks has taken the lead in becoming the first winemaker Co-op in this part of the state.

Family Friendly

Miley’s Café is a great place for families and single people alike!  This Sedona restaurant features great quality at low prices, and is a proud supporter of breakfast foods at non-breakfast times.  You’ll love their welcoming atmosphere and good prices.

Also striving for high quality and freshness is the Schoolhouse Restaurant.  Feel secure in your choice, knowing that what is on your plate is of excellent quality and most likely comes from local providers.

Classy Dining

Take your evening up a notch by heading to Cucina Rustica, an award-winningItalian restaurant run by a woman who is clearly passionate about food.  And don’t forget to stop in at J Wine Bistro during your southwest travels, boasting 20 years of restaurant experience and locally grown ingredients.

Dining in Sedona can be a wonderful experience.  Take the time to truly delve into this rich and varied area for an unforgettable meal!

Top Things to See in Sedona

things to see in sedona


If you’re heading to Sedona, you want to know where to go to get the best from your trip!  Traveling to Sedona is a fun and relaxing experience, letting you take in the tranquil surroundings of this peaceful southwest town.  Below are some of the best things to see in Sedona!

Red Rock State Park

This beautiful state park is home to some absolutely stunning sights that will stick with you forever.  Sedona is surrounded by these beautiful red rock formations, however, inside the state park, you will find even more well-preserved beauty.  The top picks of most visitors to Sedona are inside this park, including the Cathedral Rock.  It will take you at least the good part of a day to see this beautiful park.  Entrance fees are $5 for adults and $3 for children ages 7 to 13.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

As a cultural site, this church tops all to be found in Sedona.  It’s beautiful and intricate designs will astound you, as well as the incredible views that it boasts.  As it stands out from the rich, red cliffs, you will marvel at the beautiful stained glass windows that look out across the valley below.

Airport Mesa

If you’re looking for a place to get good views with easy access, then this is your spot.  This hill is easily accessed from Sedona by car, and with a short walk you are given some absolutely stunning views.  Get here at sunset and you’ll be able to see the red rocks lit on fire just before the darkness covers them.  It is truly an unforgettable sight.

Palatki Heritage Site

This fascinating historic site gives you a peek into what life was like in the Sedona of years past.  You’ll be able to hike along two different trails that don’t take a lot of time but are both very interesting.  Visit the largest cave dwellings in the area, which once belonged to the Hopi tribe.  See their ancient cave drawings depicting life at the time, and understand the roots of this ancient culture.

These are only a few of the many Sedona activities that await you.  In your southwest travels, be sure not to miss out on this golden opportunity to see beautiful natural settings and intriguing cultural sites.  Take a breath of that gorgeous fresh air and delve into the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere of this beautiful place.

Sedona’s Fantastic Hiking Trails

things to do in sedona


If you’re looking for things to do in Sedona, then hiking is one of the best options that you have!  With incredibly beautiful natural surroundings, Sedona offers some of the best hiking in all southwest travel.  There are actually over 100 different trails that you can go on, ranging through all levels of difficulty and introducing you to nature in its purest form, with incredible red rock mountains and valleys.

Check out some of our favorite hikes below, and also the best way to end your hiking adventure.

Devil’s Bridge

This 1.8 mile hike will take you to a fantastic sandstone bridge that was created by nature.  Take the trail to go underneath the arch, or a steeper track will take you to the top.  From here, you will see some incredible views of the surrounding red rock.  If you’re truly daring, you can attempt to cross this natural bridge, but do so with caution.

This trail is moderate difficulty, with the hardest stretch being the climb to the top of the Devil’s Bridge.  In total, you will probably spend about an hour hiking this trail.

Soldiers Pass

This moderate trail is conveniently located, but although you are not far from the town you will still feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere as you walk.  This unique trail will immerse you in the history of the area, where the US cavalry came through during the 19th century.  There are many beautiful surroundings on this hike, including incredible views of an immense sinkhole that collapsed into the ground in the 1800s, and again in the late 1900s.

With a roundtrip total of 4 relatively easy miles, this trail is easily finished in two hours.

Cathedral Rock

If you’re looking for a trail that is a bit more difficult, this is the one!  Check out this steep trail to the top of the ledge, climbing hand-over-foot in some spots!  You’ll be wiped by the end of this 3.5 mile hike, but don’t forget to stop and enjoy the scenery!

How to End the Day

Southwest travel is full of different kinds of adventures, and seeing the natural beauty of this area is one of the best ways to really enjoy traveling to Sedona.

But, after a day of vigorous exercise in the beauteous Arizona hills, you’ll want a place to relax.  Traveling to Sedona would not be complete without enjoying the wonderful Sedona restaurants.  Head to The Collective off Route 179 and check out the delicious options for Sedona dining.

The Sedona Health Spa at The Collective Sedona Announces Its Grand Opening



The Sedona Health Spa, a full-service luxury spa in Sedona featuring Northern Arizona’s first salt therapy room, announced today its grand opening. Located in The Collective Sedona, Sedona’s newest lifestyle and cultural venue, the spa uses a modernized approach to traditional and non-traditional treatments utilizing western and eastern practices and offering a diverse range of services from massage therapy and reiki to facials and fitness classes. As one of Sedona’s only health and fitness destinations open to the public, this luxurious spa retreat is the ultimate health and beauty destination.

One of the top services offered at the Sedona Health Spa is salt therapy. In the Himalayan salt room guests can reap all the benefits of the salty beach air without exposing their skin to harmful UV rays. Salt therapy, otherwise known as Spelotherapy or Halotherapy, has been practiced in Eastern Europe for hundreds of years, and is proven to give the body a boost of essential minerals that aid in weight loss, detoxification, improving brain function, balancing hormones and treating allergies, acne and sensitive skin. The Salt Room treatments start at $45 and group rate packages, perfect for weddings and bridal parties, are available, as well.

“As one of the full-service spas in Sedona open to the public we are excited to offer luxury services at affordable, convenient prices,” said Heidi Kenney, director of operations at Sedona Health Spa. “From the pink crystal walls of The Salt Room to the gorgeous views of the red rocks, Sedona Health Spa provides an atmosphere of zen for the perfect escape.”

Sedona Health Spa’s leading estheticians, massage therapists, and wellness staff also offer waxing and tinting, custom massage therapy, personalized facials, acupuncture and reiki services. Waxing and tinting services start at $12 while other services start at $70.

In addition to luxury services, the spa also provides Zumba, Hip-hop, tai chi, yoga, and other fitness classes that are open to the public at per-class pricing. With an unobstructed view of the red rocks, the state-of-the-art fitness room provides an escape from reality and the perfect space to sweat away stress. Locker rooms equipped with showers and a personal pampering space gives guests a space to refresh, recharge and experience the convenience of a full-service facility.

“The spa is a great addition to the property that contributes to our mission of a building a community that benefits the health and wellness of all,” said Thomas McPherson, owner of The Collective Sedona. “We revitalized the property and now can revitalize the energy of others.”


For more information visit http://sedonahealthspa.com or call (928) 862-4222. The Sedona Health Spa is located at 7000 AZ-179, Sedona, AZ 86351, Suite D200.


The Collective: Signaling a Rebirth – By Tom Vitron, QCBN

things to do in sedona

Blending with the dramatic red color palette of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte that grace the background, The Collective in the Village of Oak Creek is a revitalized multiuse gathering space where residents and visitors can shop, eat, celebrate and just enjoy the natural beauty.

Thomas MacPherson and his Fenix Private Capital Group purchased the property last year after selling another project in Phoenix. “It’s a nice center. I love Sedona, and it’s a great place to spend time and money to build a very significant cultural and community entity,” said MacPherson.

The Collective is located on the plaza formerly known as the Tequa.

“I’m really optimistic and excited to feel the new energy. It’s almost like a rebirth. New things are coming,” said Sedona restauranteur Lisa Dahl, whose businesses include Cucina Rustica. “I have been waiting 13 years for cultural significance at the property. That was part of the Tequa plan and one of the main reasons I thought it was a good move to come out to the plaza. Four groups have come and gone, and now we have Thomas,” said Dahl, who also ran a storefront in the plaza for a time called Aroma and calls MacPherson “a visionary.”

The Collective is intended to encompass a variety of food and beverage establishments, an eclectic collection of storefronts, from banking to yoga, art galleries and art installations, and indoor and outdoor event spaces for community and private events.

“It’s meant to be a place for everyone in The Village to go hang out, to have ideas and come up with new ideas,” said MacPherson. “Coming up, we’re holding a forum on the upcoming [Yavapai] county supervisor election, we have our farmers market running two three-day weekends a month, and we’ll have a Native American cultural center soon.” Recent events have included the kickoff of the Illuminate Film Festival and a summer moon dance.

Currently, he is focused on finishing Phase One of the property’s redevelopment, including finishing all deferred maintenance, programming all spaces and finishing build outs. Phase Two is focused on beautification, including an emphasis on sustainability; the property’s environmental impact is being lessened by the use of organic grass, and there are plans for a solar power array and a gray water system. This phase is also intended for organizational and operational improvements. Phase Three is a long-term effort to develop the dirt lot that remains on the internal southwest edge of the property.

Next to that space and behind Schoolhouse Restaurant (a tenant since February 2015 before MacPherson came in) is the grass courtyard utilized by the farmers market, the film festival and other events. Surrounding the courtyard are the interlinked Village Grind Coffee and Eatery and the soon-to-open J Wine Bistro, as well as an intriguing set of small, adjacent storefronts destined to be tasting rooms for local craft wine, beer, and spirit makers.

Dubbed “The Producers,” this space is currently occupied by two tenants: Four Eight Wineworks cooperative of Clarkdale, and Historic Brewing Company/Grand Canyon Wine Company based in Williams/Flagstaff. Southern Arizona winery Flying Leap Vineyards has also signed on to join the space soon, and more will follow.

“Everyone I talked to about taking part loves the space but has push backs,” MacPherson explained. “They wanted to see it when it’s done. Now that it’s done, brewers and winemakers are considerably more interested. The space will be more full by the end of summer and totally full by the end of the year,” he predicted.

MacPherson is seeking a Series 6 liquor license, making it easier for tasting-room and special-event guests to enjoy more freedom of mobility and use of the property’s common spaces.

Carole Kennelly, a part owner of Historic Brewing Company, echoes an enthusiasm for the vision renewed by MacPherson. “Historic is very excited to be on the ground level of such an exciting project. Wine, beer, food, art? What more can you ask for? We, at Historic, value collaboration and community. The Collective is the perfect place for like-minded businesses to be a part of something greater than themselves. We look forward to being a destination for both travelers and locals alike.”

Big Park Regional Coordinating Council president Amadeus Larew says he is energized to see this commercial space becoming a more complete business and community hub. “It’s an asset for both residents and visitors to the Verde Valley,” he said.

The 6.15-acre, 54,000-square-foot Tequa Plaza originally opened in 2002 on the south end of The Village of Oak Creek and was negatively impacted by the economic downturn in 2008. Now, business owners say the future looks bright.

How to Get the Most Out of the Sedona Dining Experience

Sedona dining
Sedona is a beautiful town surrounded by red rock buttes, steep canyon walls, and natural forest. The scenic beauty of this town with various amazing places to visit and adventures to encounter makes it the perfect vacation destination for tourists. Tourists visiting Sedona are guaranteed appropriate portions of outdoor adventure, soothing relaxation and pampered luxury. There are elegant spas and resorts, exquisite art galleries, restaurants and wine tasting rooms.
Sedona dining offers many culinary options. Visitors coming to Sedona originate from all parts of the world. Sedona dining accommodates all tourist from casual cafes to white tablecloth dining rooms, health conscious vegetarians to cowboy-style steakhouses, spicy Southwestern to Italian as well as everything in between. Every visitor requires a heavy hearty and healthy breakfast to have enough energy needed for physical activities of the day such as biking, running, riding and hiking among others. Some places open early to offer delicious breakfast which can be French toast crusted with pecans, southwestern-accented eggs Benedict with chorizo and jack cheese in a tortilla cup,  just to name a few.
Sedona has a vast selection of restaurants that offer different cuisines. Some of the best restaurants include The Hudson, which is an American Eatery, Creekside Restaurant, Golden Goose American Grill, Hiro’s Sushi and Japanese Kitchen, Chocola Tree Organic Oasis, Che Ah Chi among many others. These restaurants provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts at excellent prices and excellent service.
The following provisions are also available in Sedona dining: coffee/tea, cocktails, brews, wine, health food/farmers market, wine tasting and sweet treats. Sedona dining gives an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Tourists get the best out of Sedona by:

•    Having meals in different restaurants. This enables visitors to have a taste of delicious meals prepared using fresh produce from local farms by various chefs in Sedona.
•    Trying out new cuisines. Sedona has visitors from all around the world. They make tourists feel accommodated by providing varied cuisines from various countries. This is an excellent opportunity to try out a meal from different countries and cultures.
•    The enchanting and savoring view. Sedona dining is not restricted to a closed space. Visitors dine on Creekside, on a patio in the shadow of red rocks or even at a sidewalk table in the midst of bustling historic district. These views create amazing memories which visitors remember for a long time.
In addition to the fabulous Sedona dining, comfortable accommodation is also provided in cabins, hotels, motels, resorts, vacation rentals and RV camping. Sedona has also developed a global reputation as a place of enlightenment. Many healing practitioners are always ready to assist visitors on their spiritual quest including massage therapists, psychics, spiritual counselors, life coaches and shamans.

The 10 best Things to Do In Sedona

Things to Do In Sedona

Sedona is a city in the northern region of Verde Valley in Arizona, named after the wife of its first postmaster, Sedona Schnebly. This favorite tourist spot is 19.2 square miles in size with mild winters and hot summers. Sedona is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world due to its breathtaking landscapes. Aside from being mesmerized by its natural beauty, here are a few more things to do in Sedona:

  • Photograph

    You will know that you are already in Sedona when your heart gets filled with awe and you cannot help yourself but get out your camera to take pictures.

  • Hike

    Sedona comes with some of the most picture-perfect trails on earth for bikers and hikers. The likes of Brins Mesa, Soldiers Pass, and Bell Rock will get you eager to go farther.

  • Ride a horse

    Experience Sedona the cowboy way with horseback riding packages offered by ranch experts from town. Sedona offers you a gorgeous ride across free-flowing rivers, green meadows, and desert terrains.

  • Get married

    Whether it is an exquisite wedding backdrop, a romantic reception venue, or a honeymoon haven you seek, you can find them all here in Sedona. Get married in Sedona and make it a memory that will last a lifetime.

  • Get an adventure 

    Sedona is not a place to get bored. There are so many things to do in Sedona for a person in search of fun and adventure. You can even have your activities arranged for you by a trip advisor.

  • Sunbathe

    Take a dip in the cool water while feeling the heat of the sun. The swimming holes are an enchantment. The sight itself is refreshing enough to take all your blues away.

  • Bond with the family

    People of all ages will certainly enjoy the splendor of Sedona. The place is also packed with amusement parks and centers for kids and kids at heart.

  • Shop

    Sedona is not all about nature. Shops are in every corner of the city for souvenirs and everything else you need, fashion or function. There is also no need to worry about banks and ATMs for your cashing convenience.

  • Dine

    Find a restaurant that suits your unique palate. American, Italian, Japanese, or any cuisine of your liking, Sedona surely has a dining place for you.

  • Relax

    For some people, a time to relax is the most important ingredient of a vacation. Along with the many wonderful things to do in Sedona, you will also find opportunities to simply chill out and forget all your troubles. The tranquility of the place can allow you to have a reflection of your life and to see meaning in it once again.

Local Sedona Art Knowledge

sedona art

You may take exactly what you think you already know about galleries of artwork, art exhibits, Native American art history, western artwork, and southwestern modern artwork, and you may pretty much toss it right from the window as you make your course throughout the magnificent red rocks of Sedona. In the galleries of the city of Sedona, in northern Arizona, you will fall upon an eclectic mixture of gallery exhibits which are distinctive and compelling. In the galleries of Sedona, you will discover amazing artwork from local arts, artisans, and master builders who focus on every genre and style.

There are works which range from modern art and contemporary art, to abstract works, to southwestern, western and traditional styles. It is possible to spend a mid-day ambling through just some of the lots of galleries which Have been in and around Sedona, and you will continuously be surprised and surprised by the depth, quality, boldness and eclecticism of the works that you experience. In lots of cases, you will also provide a chance to visit with the artists who’re often accessible, much more in Sedona than in many other artwork communities. The owners of the galleries in town also are likely to be particularly accessible and love to discuss their fire of sharing the art and showcasing the artists.

The intriguing thing about the galleries in Sedona, is they provide an experience for even those visitors who generally do not have a burning fascination with art museums and artwork displays, however, are somehow continue to be able to capture them with either the artwork itself, or the intriguing people who bring the artwork and the galleries to life with their very own passion and excitement. For people with a certain interest and love of Native American artwork, these local galleries feature fantastic choices of imaginative Hopi Kachina dolls, vibrant fabrics handmade carpets and turquoise jewellery of the Navajo tradition, as well as stunning pottery from different tribal cultures. The incredible variety of quality, genuine Native American crafts, and artwork that can be found in Sedona makes it simple for anybody who appreciates its distinctive beauty and deep tradition of taking something home to enjoy, whether they’re a casual tourist or a significant collector. The magnificent beauty of the red stones of Sedona and the distinctive landscapes and colours of the south-west have also served as a powerful inspiration and carries on to inspire the more latest arrivals to the area.

Things to Do in Sedona

things to do in sedona


Known for its mystic vortexes and distinctive red stone monoliths, Sedona is among the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. There can be so much to do and see in Sedona that you’d have to spend a couple of weeks in the Verde Valley to encounter its unlimited interest wonders. Yes, visiting Sedona may get pricey if you stay in a top notch resort and shop at the priciest boutiques and galleries or eat at the best upscale eateries. There is an environment of free things to do in Sedona. There is no scarcity of things to do in Sedona, Arizona.

Your biggest problem may be determining what to do or what to see among the many action choices. Following are among the best, most widely used and top rated of Sedona activities. A few of the famous red stones of Sedona may be seen from the road or while even having lunch on a patio. Tour firms in Sedona, which will take you deeper into the backcountry via jeep which will reward with unbelievable views. Enjoy a leisurely mid-day by riding on the Verde Canyon Railroad. Hire a pro guide which will take you on a visit to the secret vortex spots.

The most famous drive Can be up Oak Creek Canyon. A brief 16-mile jaunt through exuberant plant life along the shimmering Oak Creek. Check out this loop drive to the Grand Canyon South Rim from Sedona. The roundtrip Can be about 220 miles through Flagstaff with amazing views of the San Francisco, California Peaks on the way. Take the short drive to Jerome, the biggest ghost town in Arizona that was previously regarded the most wicked city in Arizona. There are several amazing hikes in the Sedona AZ region each with its distinctive character. Camping out in the Oak Creek Canyon Can be the most pleasant in Arizona.

Relax in lush plant life with the convenience of cooking grills and easy parking. Probably the most famous state park Can be Slide Rock State Park where Oak Creek Canyon attributes the renowned Slide Rock that Can be A brief water- slide chute on the slick boulders of Oak Creek. When attempting to determine what to do in Sedona AZ, if you’re a history buff, consider seeing ancient Indian ruins and petroglyph sites in the Sedona and the surrounding region. These ancient cliff dwellings were constructed by the Sinagua Indians in the 1100 s.