Watch this video for the abridged version of the presentation:

January 11
Community Members in attendance:
Marsha Helton
Barney & Judy Tumey
John Ramagli
Susan Amon
Dyanna Sells
Dave Maple
Nancy Maple
Julie Tatum
Paul & Erin Cummo
Nina Joy Rizzo
Amy Gore
Omar Kenney

January 17
Community members in attendance:
Beverly Copen
Monique Kristofson
Jeff Jones
Garry & Gail Schevey
Ken Dauth
Anita Rosenfield
Joanie Gessay
Lenore Hemingway
Dave Norton
Russ Fox
Vivien Mann
Janet Webber
Barry Kerr


Community Members in attendance:
Barbara Pickett
Vic & Marilyn LaSala
Omar Kenney
Anita Rosenfield
David Gill
Damian Bruno
Julie Tatum
Barb Mallek
Dyanna Sells
Phil Feiner
Matt Werner
Steele Sacks
Danielle White
Roger Fiansoldo
Mary Morris

Presenter: Rodney Boden, GM The Collective Sedona

This meeting was unique in nature in that no presentation was prepared and no suggestions or ideas were presented by The Collective Sedona to the audience members. Rodney facilitated a conversation between the community members and himself and highlighted several pain points that have been raised by tenants that they wish would be addressed.

The following notes were taken on large pads of paper to help with discussion. There were opposing views on several of the topics which were taken in to consideration by Rodney and his team when creating the presentation for meetings #2 and #3 – notes on those meetings to follow.

Topic #1: AZ-179 Visibility
Suggestions from community members:
1. Pre-sign on Ridge Trail Drive
2. Using ADOT signs
3. Use the roundabout “something like Verde Valley School Road sign”
4. Focus on aesthetic uniqueness

Topic #2: Wayfinding around the property
Suggestions from community members:
1. Backlit map
2. Get interior signage “right”

Topic #3: Uses
Suggestions from community members:
1. Post office
2. Bus stop
3. Employee housing

Topic #4: Events
Suggestions from community members:
1. 4th of July
2. Tents out front should be OK for events
3. Put time/sound limits on loud events
4. A-frames on property should be allowed

The Collective Sedona team closed the meeting after an hour and a half of discussion and spent the next few weeks combing through the discussion points to come up with a presentation of facts, ideas, and suggestions all filtered through the rules in the P.A.D. that limit how these topics can be addressed.

See the next blog post for more information about meetings #2 and #3.

Special thanks to The Hilton at Bell Rock for the use of The Tequa Ballroom for this meeting.