The Nature-Lover’s Paradise of the Southwest

things to do in sedona


If you’re looking for a place to enjoy incredible views, stunning sunsets, fantastic red rock formations, and all close to a town with a lovely atmosphere, then Sedona should be next on your list for southwest travel!  This placid desert town is charming and beautiful, and is surrounded by some of the most magnificent sights in Arizona.  Traveling to Sedona is a must-do for all nature lovers!

So how can you truly enjoy all the natural wonders that Sedona has to offer?

Bell Rock Pathway

As you enter into Sedona, Bell Rock will probably be one of your first sights.  This enormous and unique monolith is an incredible thing to see from a distance, but up close it’s even better!  The path that circles this giant formation is a moderately difficult walk that will intrigue you, giving you all kinds of different angles and ways to see this beautiful creation.

Oak Creek Canyon

Known as a mini Grand Canyon, this beautiful gorge offers some stunning views.  One way to see it is by driving along Highway 89A, wandering the twisty road and viewing the incredible sights down to the valley below.  The perspective is really fantastic from here.

While you’re driving along this road, you’ll be able to stop at another great Sedona activity, the Slide Rock State Park!  This is a truly fantastic way to get in touch with nature, and have fun slip-sliding down the natural water slides.  There are also different trails and hikes that you can take off this same road down into the Oak Creek Canyon, such as the West Fork Trail.  However you choose to enjoy this site, your day will be well spent in admiration of the natural beauty of red rock country.


In the middle of the desert, with so little light pollution, you will be amazed by the amount of stars that you can see.  Heading out for a star tour at night, or even just looking out the window of your hotel room, will offer some absolutely incredible views.  The stars shine so much brighter in Sedona, and it is truly an incredible experience to see the Milky Way all lit up before your eyes!  Just make sure that the weather is good for viewing, and head to the desert to experience the stars like never before.

Traveling to Sedona is a wonderful experience for those who enjoy nature.  Sedona hiking is a great way to really see the natural beauty of this area, along with many other activities that make this place a true nature lover’s paradise.

How to Get the Most From Your Trip

things to do in sedona


Traveling to Sedona opens your mind to so many different wonders.  It is truly incredible to see in person the variety of activities and experiences that are available to you in Sedona.  Whatever your travel party is looking for, you’ll be able to find it in this lovely southwestern town!

So how can you truly appreciate the best that Sedona has to offer?

Enjoy Nature

There are so many ways to enjoy and explore the red rock country that surrounds Sedona.  Seeing such impressive sights as Cathedral Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, or Bell Rock will leave you with beautiful memories that will last you a lifetime.

To beat the heat on those long summer days, head to Slide Rock Park and enjoy these incredible natural slides!  This is fun for the entire family, and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Speaking of relaxing, don’t forget that these tranquil surroundings are also home to some beautiful spas!  The Sedona Health Spa in The Collective off Route 179 offers some fantastic natural treatments for good prices, and you’ll be able to truly relax with a massage, a facial, and even acupuncture treatment.

Go Wine Tasting

This developing wine country is home to some absolutely gorgeous vineyards.  You’ll be able to go explore the beauty of this country and taste its delicious result!  The friendly owners of these lovely vineyards will allow you to come in a take a tour, then spend some time tasting the end product of their hard labor.  Try out Oak Creek Vineyards, or Four Eight Wineworks.

Go Shopping

Sedona shopping is a truly eclectic and fun experience that you may not have expected in your southwest travels.  The town of Sedona is home to a wonderful art community that is proud to display its pieces to any and all who want to see them.  While shopping in Sedona, you’ll see everything from beautiful art pieces, handmade jewelry, Native American designs, and so much more!  If you’re looking for anything from pristine fashion to fun home decorations, you’ll find it in Sedona!

For a fantastic shopping experience, check out The Collective, located on Route 179 just outside of Sedona.  Here, surrounded by beautiful red rock country, you’ll be able to have some wonderful shopping opportunities, and then finish off your busy day with a bite to eat in one of their fantastic restaurants.

Traveling to Sedona is a wonderful experience for so many reasons.  Sedona activities are varied enough to fit nearly every person’s needs, making it an essential stop for southwest travel.